Founded in 2012, The MENtour™ champions transformative experiences for middle school students, males specifically, through the vehicle of mentorship. Rooted in social emotional learning techniques, provide students with the tools necessary to succeed in the classroom and beyond.


OUR VISION: Empowerment for Boys In Transition

The MENtour™ offers an innovative approach to mentorship and education. The entire program—from the curriculum to the mentors to the schedule—is designed to create a well-rounded boy. Using modern research and evidence-based best practices, we create safe space for growing boys to thrive.

To Achieve These Goals, The MENtour™ Offers:

  • A safe space to connect with a small group and develop social emotional and leadership skills.
  • 7:1 Student to Mentor ratio within an intimate setting, every boy experiences what it means to be seen and heard.
  • An experiential curriculum that encourages movement and critical thinking to groom students for school and beyond.
  • A trained staff of mentors who reflect the diversity of the community of the schools in which we serve.